Have You Played Any of Our Entertaining Chat Games?

Bingo chat rooms are the heart and soul of any online bingo community, and you’ll find them thriving in all of our bingo games, with players socialising, having fun, and taking advantage of the in-chat activities available.

That’s right, in addition to your usual game of 75-ball bingo, 90-ball bingo, or whatever type you’re playing, there are additional incentives available if you participate in the chat rooms.

By clicking “Play Now” above, you can begin playing in our bingo chat rooms, but if you’d want to learn more, continue reading to learn everything you need to know…

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What’s New in Our Bingo Chat Rooms

Bingo is a game where the social aspect is just as vital as the game itself. Thousands of people visit local bingo halls with their friends each week, and at Moon Bingo, we’ve tried to capture that by providing a fun and welcoming chat feature that has grown into a terrific community in its own right.

You may get to know and enjoy a chat with other bingo players whether you’re playing on your laptop, mobile browser, or even our mobile apps. There are also a number of games available, which are administered by our knowledgeable and friendly chat hosts. At Cyber Bingo, you can play chat games.
The games in the chat room add a whole new level to your bingo experience, and there are always intriguing prizes up for grabs.

The games range from simple ones like hangman to ones that are related to the bingo game you’re now playing.

Below are some of the more popular bingo chat games that we play in our rooms, as well as some information on how they operate…

The host will be given two mirror numbers by the Mirror Mirror players (E.G. 74, 47). To win points, the player must write “MIRROR MIRROR” followed by the numbers as soon as both of their numbers are called.

The host will say a single-letter word. If the letter chosen by the roomie full house winner is right, the host will put it into the word. We keep going until the first player guesses the word correctly and wins points.

To Take Or To Share
The complete house winner has the option of taking points or splitting the pot. If they opt to take, they will receive 1000 points; if they choose to give, the points will be shared with another player. To receive 500 points, the player chosen to share must say “Thank you for sharing.”

To win points in Twins, players must provide the host two double digits (e.g. 22 and 44), and as soon as the numbers are called, the player must write “TWINS” followed by the numbers.

Good Luck!
The winner of a full house chooses a number. The host will look at the grid to see how many points are behind that number. It is possible to win between 250 and 500 points. What is behind that number on the grid determines how many points a player will win.

We’ve been disoriented.
If the game’s winner isn’t a roommate, put I AM LOST, and the last number of the last ball called determines who gets points. If the number is even, the host begins counting from the bottom of the list. If the number is odd, the host begins counting down from the top of the list. To earn points, players must have at least one card in play.

Number of the Day
The hot number for this conversation game will be the full house number from the previous chat game’s last game. Points will be awarded to the third player who types “HOT NUMBER” followed by the number.

It’s Strange
To win points, a player who wins a complete house on an odd number should text IT’S ODD at least 10 seconds before the following game begins.

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Which is better: higher or lower?

The winner will be asked to choose a number that is ‘greater or lower’ than the winning number. At least 10 seconds before the next game begins, respond to the host. You get points if you call the initial ball correctly in the next game.

Thunderstorms and Sunshine
Tell the host Sunshine (even number) or Thunder (odd number) at least 10 seconds before the next game begins when you bingo. You get points if the first number out in the next game matches your pick.

What Are Chat Hosts and What Do They Do?
Chat hosts will be in charge of running the show and generally monitoring the chat rooms in all of the games.

They effectively perform the same functions as a bingo caller, but without actually drawing the numbers. That means they’re in charge of keeping everyone in the chat room engaged while also maintaining order and respect to prevent any misbehaving users.

The chat host has the authority to ban members who do not follow the rules, and players should always respect the chat host.